Kwik Pik Unlocks Efficiency: Advantages of Building on the Hedera DLT

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The logistics industry is expanding rapidly, driven by the increasing demand for moving and delivering goods.

However, this growth often leads to challenges such as lost items, inflated prices, and customer frustration, creating inefficiencies in the entire process.

Recognizing these challenges, Kwik Pik harnesses the power of blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency of the logistics cycle.

Our recent integration with Hedera DLT has revealed numerous benefits that significantly impact our operations.

Benefits of Building on Hedera DLT

  1. Scalability: Hedera DLT is renowned for its high-speed and scalable infrastructure, employing the hashgraph consensus algorithm.

    This ensures fast and secure consensus, crucial for Kwik Pik in providing a seamless user experience. With the capability to process thousands of transactions per second, Hedera stands out as one of the most scalable blockchain platforms.

  2. Security: Hedera boasts a highly secure platform with a robust consensus mechanism, backed by a successful track record of security audits.

    It’s resistant to common blockchain attacks and provides a secure environment for transactions and data integrity. This means that at Kwik Pik this feature will enable us to boast of data integrity and immutability as data hashed onchain cannot be tampered with. Hence enabling us to build a more reliable logistics and supply chain management business in Africa and the Middle East.

  3. Sustainability: Hedera Hashgraph is committed to environmental sustainability, aligning with Kwik Pik's efforts in this direction.

    Its energy-efficient design consumes significantly less energy than traditional blockchain networks, reflecting Kwik Pik's commitment to reducing environmental impact while ensuring optimal performance.

  4. Fairness: Hedera ensures a fair platform with a transparent and predictable fee structure, charging the same fee for all transactions regardless of size or complexity. This commitment to fairness aligns with Kwik Pik's goal of building trust within its community.

  5. Governance: Hedera Hashgraph operates on decentralized principles, with a governance model emphasizing inclusivity and transparency. The Hedera Governing Council, comprising a diverse group of organizations, ensures development that benefits all users. This feature allows us to be close to an organization that compels us to be even more transparent with dealings related to package movement and general feedback.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: Designed with regulatory compliance in mind, Hedera DLT provides a framework aligned with legal and industry standards. Kwik Pik's choice of Hedera reflects a proactive approach to compliance, establishing a solid foundation for its digital art marketplace.

  7. Versatility: Hedera Hashgraph is a versatile platform suitable for various applications, including payments, identity management, and supply chain and 3PL management. This feature fits Kwik Pik's use case perfectly and makes it extremely easy for us to build on and make Kwik impacts on the go.

  8. Developer-Friendly: With a developer-friendly ecosystem, Hedera Hashgraph offers Kwik Pik access to comprehensive documentation, tools, and support. The platform facilitates the smooth integration of Kwik Pik's unique features.

  9. Future-Proof: Hedera Hashgraph's roadmap includes exciting new features, ensuring it remains at the forefront of decentralised ledger technology.

Proof of How Kwik Pik Leverages Hedera DLT

Our use of the Hedera DLT has given us clearer insights into our carbon emissions activities on each package delivered, distance covered, financial and delivery transaction records, delivery IDs, and wallet addresses.

This transparent and accountable way of verifying financial and delivery transactions shows how committed we are to providing customers and stakeholders with excellent services.


Kwik Pik is a customer-centric organization and constantly improves its systems to serve you better. In the future, the data generated over time will help Kwik Pik, the supply chain and the logistics industry make more informed policy decisions, particularly in areas of logistics costing, carbon emissions reduction goals, road-mapping network and other policies that will typically move our business forward and the industry we serve. These attributes of Hedera make it an ideal choice for Kwik Pik in building robust and efficient logistics and supply chain management solutions.

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