Kwik Pik Integrates Thepeer To Power Digital Payments Services For Last-Mile Logistics Users

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In many parts of Africa, especially in remote or underserved areas, access to goods and services can be challenging due to infrastructural limitations. Delivery as a Service bridges this gap by providing a convenient way to deliver essential items like food, medicine, and other goods directly to people's doorsteps.

One such DaaS company is Kwik Pik, a Web3-powered app powered by a scalable independent network of approved drivers and vehicles that provides last-mile delivery service to users. In just a short launch time, Kwik Pik has made over 2900 deliveries and has a cumulative user base of 760+ users and business partners.

Until now, one of the constraints that Kwik Pik has faced is offering payment flexibility. Users could only pay for deliveries using direct bank transfers and card service, which could sometimes be prone to transaction failures and glitches.

As a result, Kwik Pik integrated Thepeer, a digital wallet payments company, to offer its users more secure and reliable payment options. Thepeer allows for easy commerce on kwik Pik, enabling secure and convenient payment processing for fleet owners, riders and customers. All Kwik Pik wallet holders can now fund their accounts directly via Thepeer. This collaboration will allow Kwik Pik users to pay for their deliveries using various methods from digital wallets like Pocketapp, Kuda, Chippercash, Eversend, and more.

In his words, Obasi Francis, the founder of Kwik Pik, said, Integrating Thepeer into the Kwik Pik app creates additional options for our users to fund their Kwik Pik accounts. This is particularly true for users who use mobile money apps like Chipper Cash, GoMoney, Alat, Paga and Kuda for easier and faster Kwik Pik wallet funding.

Thepeer CEO, Chike Ononye, also said,'' It's thrilling to collaborate with Kwik Pik. This alliance isn't just about simplifying payments; it's a game-changer for digital wallet payments in logistics, enhancing convenience for fleet owners and customers alike. By addressing fragmentation within the ecosystem, we're empowering not only SMEs but also large-scale merchants across Africa''

The partnership with Thepeer will allow Kwik Pik to reach a new customer base who prefer to pay for their deliveries using their digital wallets. To start using Kwik Pik service, click any of the links below to download the app now:

User Apps: iOS| Playstore

Rider Apps: iOS| Playstore