Kwik Pik Integrates Hedera DLT for Efficient Goods in Transit Handling and Payment Tracking

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Decentralized ledger technology was made popular 14 years ago with the introduction of Bitcoin, and has transformed how we access transparent, efficient, and secure services across various sectors, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and voting systems.

Today, numerous blockchain and DLT platforms empower businesses and organizations to create real-world solutions. One such platform is the Hedera Hashgraph.

Hedera is a decentralized public ledger technology designed to offer swift, secure, and equitable transactions and smart contracts. It is built on a unique data structure called the Hashgraph, offering an alternative to traditional blockchain technology.

Kwik Pik, a web3-powered last-mile delivery platform, harnesses blockchain to provide efficient delivery services. Our user-friendly app ensures easy onboarding, real-time tracking, and useful in-app features, all backed by blockchain technology.

In our recent integration with ThePeer, we offered flexible payment options, enabling users to use digital wallets like Pocketapp, Kuda, Chippercash, Eversend, and more.

Now, we've joined forces with the Hedera network to further enhance our services. Every Kwik Pik user will seamlessly access a non-custodial wallet through which their transactions and additional services will be deployed. This integration enables extensibility for other payment services and more, including Decentralized Digital IDs (DID) for all our users and clients.

In addition, the partnership brings the following benefits to the Kwik Pik ecosystem:

1. Payment Processing & Tracking: with the integration of Hedera, users can seamlessly pay for package delivery using the Hedera stablecoin, and track the payment success on the Hedera DLT, ensuring secure and transparent transactions where users don't have to worry about delayed or failed bank transactions.

2. Wallet Integration: We make it easy for anyone to embrace web3 technology by leveraging our platform to access a wide range of physical and digital goods and services through enhanced accessibility and usability for both web2 and web3 users.

3. Traceability: Kwik Pik leverages Hedera DLT to trace and track package movements from origin to destination, enhancing transparency and reliability.

4**. Non-custodial Wallet Inclusion:** Each Kwik Pik user automatically gains access to a Hedera wallet account, simplifying the use of blockchain technology for real-life use cases. In addition, these wallets are completely owned and managed by the users with the option to export the wallet key or store it as they deem fit.

Obasi Francis, the founder of Kwik Pik, shared his thoughts on this partnership, stating, "This collaboration with Hedera marks an exciting milestone in our journey to offer a seamless, efficient, and user-centric last-mile delivery experience through the use of decentralized ledger technology. We are committed to enhancing the way you interact with our platform, making it easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. Hence, this successful Hedera integration has ushered us into the launch of Kwik Pik 2.0".

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