Kwik Pik 2.0: Serving You Better in 2024

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We introduced the Kwik Pik business API in our previous blog post, but that’s only one out of all the additional benefits we’ll be offering users in 2024.

In 2023, we completed 4505 deliveries for 1088 users and 19 B2B customers. We also successfully integrated the Hedera distributed ledger technology to increase efficiency and scalability. Finally, we integrated ThePeer to offer users different payment options to improve the in-app experience.

Notwithstanding, we’ve mapped out service areas that can make 2024 a better year for our users. And in this blog article, we’ll highlight them in detail.

Introducing Kwik Pik 2.0 and How it Benefits You

We’ll be introducing an updated version of our application this year and we’d like to share some exciting roadmaps with you.

Kwik Pik 2.0 will be an on-demand marketplace for package delivery, food ordering, ride sharing, farm produce, and groceries. Each service offering would ensure that users have a holistic platform for everyday needs and can continually leverage Kwik Pik for an easy life.

Here’s what we’re adding to our on-demand delivery service:

  1. On-Demand Ride-Hailing: Consumers globally spend $57.6 billion annually on on-demand apps and it continues to increase. Users want more instant and convenient services at their fingertips and a large number of this global spend is of the age group of 18 to 34; the most active force of the population.

    Following this trend, Kwk Pik would be integrating on-demand ride-hailing services allowing users to get anywhere faster, in comfort, and at an affordable rate.

  2. Food & Groceries: With Kwik Pik 2.0, there’s no need to leave the house to enjoy your local meal. We’ll integrate different local vendors into our app features to provide you with tasty meal offers on the go.

  3. Farm-To-Table: Fresh farm produce translates to healthy living. We introduced our farm-to-table solution last year describing the benefits for our users. In summary, you can purchase fresh farm produce directly on Kwik Pik 2.0 and have it delivered to you.

  4. Traceability and Tracking Services for Trucking Service SMEs: Are you a trucking service provider for SMEs? Kwik Pik 2.0 allows you to trace and track goods in transit in real time to know how your trucks are moving from point to point.

How To Sign Up as a Service Provider For Kwik Pik 2.0

To sign up as a service provider(e.g. a farmer for our farm-to-table service, or a truck owner for tracking services), please reach out to us via any of our official social media platforms.

When is Kwik Pik 2.0 Launching?

We are currently putting things in place for Kwik Pik 2.0. All users will be notified via in-app notifications, our social media posts, and our newsletter.


The next version of the Kwik Pik app would offer you robust benefits. Stay tuned to our social channels or join our newsletter to get early updates.

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