How to Package Products for Delivery

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Have you ever purchased a product online because the body wrap looked good?

Have you identified an iPhone product in an instant because it came in its box?

Have you chosen a boxed product over an unboxed one because the boxed one looked chic?

Then, you have been a happy victim of product packaging.

Now, if you own a business, imagine leveraging that same packaging power to increase sales, attract new customers, and build a competitive edge.

In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to package your business products for delivery to enjoy packaging benefits.

What is Product Packaging?

Product packaging refers to the process of designing and creating a material to enclose, protect and present your product.

Before designing your product packaging, identify these key aspects:

  1. Nature of Product: A fragile product may require more careful packaging than other products.

  2. Delivery Timeline: A product bound to be in transit for a longer time would require careful packaging so the product doesn’t disappear in transit.

  3. Customer Target: Tailor your packaging design to resonate with your ideal customer. For example, pink packaging might suit women's wellness products better than a black industrial look.

Why Should You Package Products for Delivery?

Product packaging will help your business in many ways including:

  1. Protection

Good packaging can help you convey your goods safely from one place to another without any dent to the item.

  1. Free Marketing

Your products sometimes get delivered to places where you’ve not been before. Good branding can speak for you, even there.

  1. User Acquisition

More than 80% of people say they’ll buy a new product if it has good packaging. What does that tell you?

  1. Customer Loyalty

Well-designed product packaging can cause your customers to repurchase your items- increasing customer loyalty. It fosters brand love and repeat purchases.

What to Consider Before Packaging a Product

You don’t have to break the bank to package your product right. But there are some important things to understand:

  1. Functionality: Your packaging shouldn’t obstruct or prevent the customer from using your product easily. It should be functional; good looking but also allowing customers to use their purchase easily.

  2. Cost: The cost of good packaging shouldn’t be higher than your profit from the business. Otherwise, it won’t be sustainable and can affect customer’s perception of your brand.

  3. Time Factor: Packaging shouldn’t add to customer's wait time. It should be swift, easy to do and portable.

  4. Uniqueness: With your packaging, you want to create a unique experience for your customers. Being creative and adding things like a handwritten note, a printed card, a thank you sticker or freebies can actually be a game changer.

4 Unique Ways to Package Your Product for Delivery

Packaging is your best shot at a good first impression, especially if you sell online. So, you need to make it stellar. 4 of the most popular ways to package your products are:

  1. Cardboard Boxes: These are easy-to-set boxes for packaging your products, like the example below:

  1. Branded Shopping Bags: The beauty of this kind of packaging or the cardboard above is the added value. Customers can use the bags/boxes later for other shopping/storage needs. Here is an example:

  1. Bottle Wraps: When done right, bottle wraps can make your product look chic, exotic, classy, or stylish. It might take more time to get it done but it’s most adopted for businesses that sell products that require a bottle. Here is an example:

  1. Paper Bags: These are easy DIY bags for making small deliveries e.g. prescriptions, light jewellery, etc. Here is an example:


Don't underestimate the power of product packaging. Use it strategically to make a lasting impression, attract customers, and drive your business forward. Also, match that with Kwik Pik’s quality delivery service to maintain customer satisfaction 100%.

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