How to Avoid Traffic Jams For Premium Customer Satisfaction

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In bustling urban centers like Lagos and Accra, ensuring prompt deliveries is crucial for customer satisfaction.

However, the challenge of traffic congestion can often hinder timely/same day deliveries. To help you navigate through this issue, we've compiled a list of 6 effective tips to avoid traffic jams and keep your customers happy.

1. Plan Your Routes

One of the best ways to avoid traffic jams is to plan your routes in advance. By reviewing your routes before setting out, you can identify alternative paths to reach your destination faster.

2. Leave Early

Beating traffic requires an early start. Leaving ahead of schedule can significantly reduce the time spent in traffic, ensuring your deliveries are made on time.

3. Delegate

Consider leveraging alternative delivery methods, such as Bolt Send, to avoid getting stuck in traffic. These services offer a convenient and secure way to deliver items while bypassing congested routes.

4. Use Kwik Pik

Our on-demand services provide quick and efficient pickups and deliveries tailored to your business needs. Our riders are equipped with Google Maps for optimal route planning, ensuring swift delivery. Additionally, our bikes offer faster mobility, allowing you to outpace traffic congestion.

5. Opt for Ferry or Train

Exploring alternative modes of transportation, such as ferries or trains, can help you bypass road traffic and reach your destination faster.

6. Adjust Delivery Timelines

In cases of extreme traffic congestion, consider adjusting your delivery timelines to align with periods of lesser traffic, ensuring smoother and more reliable deliveries.

Notable Traffic Areas in Major African Cities

To guide how you inform customers about their deliveries, you should note these areas as high traffic areas:

  1. Lagos: Lagos is one of the most congested cities in the world and there are many routes with traffic jams including Apapa road, Ojuelegba, Oshodi, Ikorodu, Third Mainland bridge, Ojo, and Iyana-Oba.

  2. Abuja: The Federal Capital Terrritory is not without some traffic jams,. Popular areas include: Mararaba - Nyanya Bus Stop; AYA Roundabout along the Abuja-Keffi corridor; Madala-Zuba-Kubwa-Gwarinpa-Aso Radio Junction, along the Abuja-Kaduna corridor, and Girri Junction-Alaita-City Gate along the Abuja-Gwagwalada corridor.

  3. Accra: If you’re in the capital of Ghana, you might want to note these areas: Tema Motorway, Airport Junction, Lapaz-N1-Dzorwulu, Madina-Legon-Shiashi, Novotel-Accra Tema Station-Accra central, and Circle-Achimota-Dome.

  4. Port Harcourt: There is lesser traffic in Port Harcourt when compared to other major cities but you can still find traffic jams in Rumuokoro, Artillery, Garrison, Rumuola junction, Mile 3, UST roundabout, and Rumuokuta junction.

  5. Benin: A bubbling major city is Benin and it’s not devoid of traffic. Areas known for traffic include but not limited to the Ugbowo - Lagos road by front of UBTH, sapele road, Upper Sakponba by Saint Saviour axis, and Ikpoba Hill by Ramat Park.


While traffic congestion is still prevalent in other cities like Asaba, Onitsha, Calabar, and Ibadan, you can rely on Kwik Pik services to navigate through these challenges and ensure timely deliveries.

By implementing these strategies and leveraging our services, you can effectively avoid traffic jams and provide superior customer satisfaction.

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