Agricultural Logistics Companies in Nigeria

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The agricultural supply chain is a complex one faced with many issues. Those involved in the process range from farmers, producers, manufacturers, and consumers.

Due to the multiple processes and persons involved, it has become even more difficult to manage and control. Farmers have to deal with getting their agricultural products through these processes.

Often, the joy of large-scale farmers is to have returns on their business while their customers smile home satisfied. Achieving this can be very difficult for most business owners considering the many processes involved.

The activities in this process are crucial to meeting customers' demand, ensuring that the maximum value of the cultivated product is achieved and this requires effective and specialized logistics management on the part of the business owner.

However, in a country like Nigeria where bad road networks are a major challenge, efficient mobility of agricultural products to its end users has become one of the bottlenecks besieging the agricultural industry.

Whether it is transportation, inventory taking, or warehousing, the idea boils down to this one thing: there remains a gap for agricultural logistics companies in Nigeria.


Agricultural logistics companies are much needed in Nigeria. Having an external logistic company to manage your agro logistics can be more effective than handling them yourselves especially if you don't have a team with the required skills and experience yet.

It is important that when choosing a logistic company for your farm, go through their services whether it is tailored towards your specific farm needs. We've put together some of these companies to ease the stress of finding them yourself.

Agricultural Logistics Companies In Nigeria

Red Star Express Plc.

Red Star Logistics is a subsidiary of Red Star Express PLC. This subsidiary provides manufacturers with superior logistics integration and speed to markets. Their integrated warehousing services will provide protection and safety for your products, rapid service, and the keeping of accurate records. They will help you manage your farm inventory as well.

Kwik Pik Delivery

Kwik Pik is a B2B (business-to-business) logistics company that leverages technology in connecting drivers and riders alike to customers. In 2021, the Kwik Pik App became the first full-stack last-mile delivery platform in Nigeria. Its services are currently available in Nigeria and you can choose between different delivery methods e.g Trucks, Bikes, or motorcars, to send your agricultural products to customers.

Africold Logistics

Africold is an agricultural logistic company that helps businesses fulfil orders to their customers. Africold is a logistics and cold chain company. Their services include

  • Full truck Logistics

  • Stationery Logistics

  • Warehousing

Tak Logistics.

TAK Logistics assists in ensuring smooth transitions between the endpoints in your company's value chain. TAK Logistics has been proven to be a reliable, trusted, and professional value chain agro logistics solutions company. They provide transport logistics and storage infrastructure to assure integrated value chains across the various crop and agro products segments. Tak Logistics has nationwide coverage and has its headquarters in Abuja.


Food is primal among social amenities. More so, between the farm and the final consumer, agricultural logistics companies in Nigeria can be culled "essential services" in the light of several factors such as customer satisfaction and including the looting of palliatives during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Download the Kwik Pik app today from Playstore.

You can also download the Kwik Pik rider app to earn income on every delivery.